Website Design

Website design services for your business!

Our websites our built to perform! We design each site with efficient code and fully optimized images. We have designers ready to build you a professional website that fits within your budget. We also build for conversion. A pretty website is nice to look at, but if it is not converting visitors into customers, then we have failed in our objectives. We will help you tailor the ad copy that causes visitors to take action!

Our SEO services will bring your website to the top of the search listings! First we will perform keyword research to discover how people are searching for businesses like you. We will then integrate these keywords into the text and HTML code in your website. This alone will increase your visibility to major search engines like Google and Bing. But we won't stop there! We will begin a link building campaign that will associate your website with other related websites. This step is crucial for the major search engines to determine how relevant your business is to those searching for you. We offer affordable monthly plans that will allow us to keep your website in front of potential customers on an ongoing basis. Call us today at 717-779-4188 for more information or click here for a free quote.

SEO Services

QR Code marketing for your business!

The use of "Quick Response" (QR) codes is exploding in the marketing industry. QR codes, those square, two-demensional barcodes found anywhere from food labels to lottery tickets can be used by your business almost anywhere! We provide innovative ways to reach new customers as well as allow you to easily urge current customers to return to your business.

Our newest service, Dynamic Q-pons, allows you to send one coupon home with your customers that they can scan anytime to receive your newest and greatest offers! Print once, change the message any time you want. Dynamically! Call us today at 717-779-4188 for more information or click here for a free quote.

Online Marketing Services

Local Internet Marketing services for your business!

The local search market has changed dramatically in recent years. It is so easy for customers to search for businesses through their smart phones and have relevant local search information in seconds. But how do you show up in these listings? Our Local Internet Marketing services will help to fill in this gap in your marketing efforts. We will set up listings in the major search engines' local business sections which will dramatically increase your visibility to local searches and as a side benefit this will also boost your rankings in the regular search listings.

We can also set up social media pages for you in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and then monitor these pages for you on a daily basis. The best way to reach new customers is to go where they are now and communicate with them the way they want. Face it, EVERYONE is on Facebook and your business should be too!

Other available services include pay-per-click advertising through Google Adwords and Facebook, and banner advertising through various advertising services. Call us today at 717-779-4188 for more information or click here for a free quote.